The Canton Connection Center


Welcome to the Canton Connection Center! Here we are all about connection.

  1. Maybe you’d like to reconnect with the humor in every day life and be free to laugh out loud. If that’s the case, Canton Improv gives you a comfortable environment to do that with likeminded people.

  1. If you feel like connecting your fist with a punching bag, Tae-Kwon-Do and self-defense classes are a perfect outlet for that.

  1. If you feel like connecting with friends, family, co-workers or classmates, you can rent the Event Hall for such occasions.

  1. Maybe you are a business with a fantastic product or service, but you want to find the right voice to sell your business. Crystal Blanchard with Voiceover and Freelance Writing is here to connect you to your audience.

  1. Perhaps your child is struggling in school, and you want a personal tutor for him or her to grasp the necessary skills. Or perhaps you’re looking to go into college soon but want a boast of confidence that your skills are where they need to be to make that transition. Or maybe you are a writer trying to find your writing voice and need a coach to guide you along the way. With her Tutoring and Writing Coach Services, Kelly Blanchard can help you make those connections and build your confidence.

Located at the northeast corner of Hwy 17 & FM 1255 one block north of Hwy 64 and two miles south of I-20, we are at an ideal location just outside the city of Canton, Texas. For more information call 903-962-6475.


“He who has health, has hope. He who has hope, has everything.” -- Thomas Carlyle

TAE-KWON-DO: Kim’s Martial Arts


4:45-6:15PM    First Class

6:30-8:00PM    Second Class

(mixed ages and ranks in both classes. Students are welcome to attend whichever fits their schedule better)


5-6PM    Form Class

6-7PM Advance Training

Age 6 & up are welcome

Monthly Rates starting at $65 for one student. Please call for more information.

Instructors: Master David Jones, Faith Blanchard and Denys Smith

Contact Info: 903-962-6475

Check out Tae Kwon Do page for tournament info.

Monthly Rate: $65


Interesting in hosting a birthday party, bridal shower, or baby shower? Call us! We have a 1,250 square foot room with chairs and tables and a kitchen--perfect for hosting a large get-together. Call 903-962-6475 for more information!

What We Offer


Kelly Blanchard

Contact Info: 903-343-4791

Call for rates and scheduling.


Crystal Blanchard

Contact Info: 903-343-4791



Call or email for rates and services offered.

Location:                    Phone:
18402 FM 1255          903-962-6475
Canton, TX 75103



Creative Writing

1st Workshop: June 16-20   9AM-12PM

2nd Workshop: July 14-18   9AM-12PM

3rd Workshop: August 11-15  9AM-12PM

College English Prep

1st Workshop: June 22-27   9AM-12PM

2nd Workshop: July 21-25   9AM-12PM

3rd Workshop: August 18-22  9AM-12PM


$80 per student

Discounts available for siblings

Instructor: Kelly Blanchard

Contact Info: 903-343-4791

Tutoring Services